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From the Pantry: Honey – Bake from Scratch

In fact, honey can be utilized in your baked items past being stirred into batter. For those who’re trying to give your last baked items candy shine, contemplate brushing them with gently heated honey (15 to 30 seconds within the microwave will assist make this simpler). On the whole, warmed honey will be handled very similar to a easy syrup. Brush it onto baked cake layers to maintain them recent and tender, or pour it over puff pastry and fried items to create a sweetly soaked dessert (contemplate this the baklava remedy). Honey lends itself equally properly to frostings and glazes, bringing that signature sweetness to each buttercreams and meringue-based frostings. Talking of meringue, honey pairs very properly with this crispy dessert. Meringues bake low and gradual, completely suited to honey’s warmth sensitivity. This rule additionally applies to sure custard-based desserts, like flan and crème brûlée. Honey additionally responds properly to their mild cooking methodology.

While you aren’t baking together with your honey, you’ll must retailer it correctly. Honey has a prolonged shelf-life for plenty of causes. First, its acidity kills off many dangerous micro organism. Second, it’s viscous and low-moisture, a very inhospitable place for microorganisms to outlive and thrive in. Nonetheless, honey will spoil underneath particular circumstances. If improperly sealed, honey will suck moisture from the air and enhance the chance of spoilage, so be certain your honey is in a tightly sealed container.

Temperature may also have an effect on honey’s taste, even when it doesn’t precisely make it “go dangerous.” If saved at temperatures above 75°F (24°C), the honey will slowly degrade in taste, turning into bitter and off-tasting. So, attempt to preserve it in a cool, darkish place. Even honey saved on the superb temperature and in a sealed container can type honey crystals. Whereas this may increasingly look like honey that’s previous its prime, it’s nonetheless superb to make use of. Merely place your honey in a heatproof jar and submerge it in scorching water, stirring after a minute or two, to convey it again to a clean texture.

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