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Oriental Fruit Salad with Hen Recipe

Expertise Asian-inspired goodness with our Oriental Fruit Salad with Hen. Juicy hen, crunchy wonton strips, and a citrusy coriander dressing unite with the sweetness of apples and oranges. A vibrant, satisfying dish you will not need to miss!

Oriental Fruit Salad with Chicken

The Oriental Fruit Salad with Hen is a culinary journey that harmoniously marries the flavours of the East with a refreshing twist. This vibrant salad combines succulent hen breast fillets, crisp inexperienced apples, and juicy oranges tossed in a pleasant lemon-coriander dressing. With the addition of crunchy deep-fried wonton strips and a touch of honey, this dish is a symphony of candy, savoury, and tangy notes that dance in your style buds.

The hen is marinated in a zesty mix of lemon juice, dried combined herbs, salt, and pepper, infusing it with flavour. As soon as pan-fried to golden perfection, it’s sliced and mixed with a medley of substances in a big bowl. The wedding of tender hen, crisp lettuce, candy apples, segmented oranges, and hard-boiled eggs creates a pleasant distinction of textures and tastes.

What really elevates this Oriental Fruit Salad is the selfmade dressing. Lemon juice, honey, chopped coriander leaves, and extra-virgin olive oil type a luscious dressing that ties every part collectively. It’s the good steadiness of tartness and sweetness, enhancing the general expertise of the dish.

Oriental Fruit Salad with Chicken

Oriental Fruit Salad with Hen


Oriental Fruit Salad with Chicken

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